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28/09/2020 / Test All Things

Singing The Ropes Praises – Overshadowing The Singular Work of Ebedmelech

Ebedmelech is not a stand out character in the Old Testament, even spell check has just shown non-recognition red-lining his name! But, I maintain, inspired inclusion speaks to significance, a point I am sure Mr. Jeremiah would not challenge. Ebedmelech, the Good Samaritan of the Old Testament, conveyed much sweet teaching both in regard to orthodoxy (right doctrine) and orthopraxy (right practice). 

Jeremiah (Jeremy) was in a deep and dark predicament, a dungeon-pit with no ability to extricate himself. Ebedmelech, being most aware of the situation took action, but it should be noted that his efficacious action was first and foremost supremely authorized coming directly from the King with whom he had interest and favour. To the dungeon-pit Ebedmelech comes with full and supreme authorization having all sufficient knowledge and strength to unfailingly perform according to shared intention—his mission being also in accord with the word of the King—what Jeremiah could not by will accomplish, the King and his servant would most definitely accomplish, because D.V. (deo volente). The capable servant came with ropes, but he did not merely throw down ropes with a “Jeremiah, I’ve got appointments, gotta run, maybe someone else will come by and figure out what to do from here”. Ebedmelech remained, for without his strength Jeremiah would have been none the better though tangled with ropes. Self-willers and self-regeneration teachers need sobering awareness, Jeremiah did not pull Ebedmelech into the dungeon-pit, but rather Jeremiah is wrought upon in the strength of Ebedmelech drawing him from the pit into the rescuing arms of his deliverer, his saviour. And I do not believe Jeremiah’s song became “O, blessed ropes”.

Any schematic of theology that negates or distorts Isaiah 42:6 is faulty from the get go, whether Arminian or Calvinistic (both too often too prone to muddy the clear water of grace with ropes upon ropes, bottom line works upon works giving strengths, requirements, qualifications, and conditions to pit dwelling Jeremiahs simply not warranted in Holy Writ). 

Christ is the believer’s Ebedmelech with the Father, the King of Glory, His dealing prevails bringing liberty, but it is NOT to be misconstrued with false, unsound doctrine. He does not throw a rope with a word to come later (again, actually read Isaiah 42:6). Jeremiah did not manufacture his own ropes, nor does the sinner construct his own faith and repentance despite plenteous mis-teachings. Christ and His Holy Spirit must first be already present for their own operation, their own 100% work, manifestive work pointing, revealing 100% work of another (not named Jeremiah or any other “qualified” Tom, Dick, Harry, Sally, or Sue). It is not faith first, then Christ. Faith claimed without the Bible named Author already present is not the Faith of God’s Elect. The reactionary God of multitudes is NOT the God of the Bible. Oh, that thieves and robbers would be confronted with truth in this world, being glad for coming Eternal Day when they shall be silenced, mouths shut forever. Those who can get the job done without Christ in the beginning clear to the fully consummated end, did not need Him utterly in the beginning, thank you very much, these are themselves able to get the ball rolling, so to speak, and their self-acclaimed praise and worship services, to this poor and needy creature, the ring of unsound hollowness prevails in spite of all the show, the show they no doubt think most splendid. Jeremiah, who saved you? Oh, that name must be sweet to you, precious to you. But, Jeremiah only that name, no mention of ropes. My brother, I am glad to join you and brother Jonah, “SALVATION IS OF THE LORD”(Jonah 2:9) in “No other Name”, even ropes. Gifts that obscure giver misused, too often selfishly. But some supposed gifts are actually nothing more than self-willed, self-actualizations and the mimic can even be satanic. Self-suggestion, satanic suggestion—leading to same eternal ruin. To insist that God does anything not according to His word is the height of presumption no matter how loudly or zealously held and/or proclaimed. How much wood, hay, and stubble shall coming fire reveal? 

– Bill Bryant

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