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29/09/2020 / Test All Things

Hated/Graced Without A Cause

Putting a cause where there is no cause, may produce an effect, but imaginary built upon imaginary is bottom line self-deception and when proclaimed outright fraud. And fraud is exactly what fills many pulpits and seminaries throughout the land. But self-suggestion and self-actualization can definitely build, albeit airhead castles, that sure-enough-reality shall eventually bring tumbling down, down, down.

“But this cometh to pass, that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law [note that], they hated me without a cause.”

Where was this written in “their law”

Not in Moses, not in the Pentateuch, but in Psalm 69:4. Was there an itsy-bitsy, minute, infinitesimal iota of bona fide cause for this enmity, this hatred? No, no (2 Corinthians 5:21; Hebrews 4:15) just as there was absolutely no cause in Jesus for the hatred of the Jews, so there is no cause (either positive or negative) in the sinner for God to justify him.

The exact same Greek word dwrean translated “without a cause” in John 15:25 is translated “freely” in Romans 3:24; “Being justified freely [without a cause] by his grace.” Surely this conclusively states that justification is entirely free, without the least regard to any qualities in, or works performed by the sinner. Again, the word “freely” in the original means “without a cause”showing that our works [either good or bad] in no way “cause” our justification. No conditions to perform, no terms to be fulfilled, no good qualities [qualificationism] to present in order to be justified, to be a recipient of God’s salvation—for we are speaking here of salvation of the Lord, real—not imaginary. Justification is a God-motivated blessing of pure, free grace that is without a cause as to the recipient of the free gift. This is how every true believer esteems it and rejoices in it. Granted some professed believers are called, but every true believer is called and chosen. In this, as well as in every other part of God’s graced salvation, the called/chosen one is willing to be nothing, even less than nothing, that grace may reign and be all in all. 

“To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved.”
(Ephesians 1:6)

Arminians “brand of grace” may in their teaching be available for all with no exceptions, resulting from some perceived measure of deserving by all, because of either some degree of merit or admitted ample degree of misery. For the Arminian there is some degree of CAUSE in a person to activate their brand of available grace. So, they twist the “without cause” of Bible grace to their own brand of “with cause” grace incessantly claiming inherent activating powers. But without cause Biblical grace rests solely with the SELF-WILL and SELF-MOTIVATION of the God of ALL GRACE. Oh, grace ACTS and grace PROVIDES, but acting provision is without cause as far as any recipient is concerned. He who merely picked up sticks on the Sabbath was brought to Moses. Quick verdict: “Kill him”. Oh, that that would ever be an object lesson not to mix human works with Sovereign sabbath-rest in any measure whatsoever!!! If by works, then not by grace. If by grace, then not by works. TO HIM THAT WORKETH NOT . . . . . 

– Bill Bryant


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