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26/01/2021 / Test All Things

How Apostate Teachers Operate

When a shepherd is going to leave the holy commandment delivered unto him, and to turn aside to vain jangling, he generally circulates his new leaven in a private way, and biases the minds of all he can, before he brings the dregs of his heart out: and, if the majority seems against him, the assembly door is often thrown open a little wider than common, and numbers are admitted who come to spy out the saints’ liberty, and to bring them into bondage: by which means Christ is often turned out of doors; and, when He is gone, the faithful, by degrees, go after Him; till, in process of time, nothing is left behind but stubble, the refuse of the harvest. “The congregation of hypocrites shall be desolate.” (Job 15:34)

If a minister goes from his confession to the assembly, no wonder if members go from their professed subjection to him. If he departs from the faith, the faithful should depart from him. Their faith is not to stand in his wisdom, but in God’s power. He has no dominion over their faith, but is, or should be, a servant of the assembly, and a fellow-helper of their joy; for by faith they stand.

William Huntington


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  1. cctechm777 / Jan 27 2021 3:01 am

    Then their faith was Never Granted by the Grace of God, their faith was built upon shifting sands, and not upon the One True Foundation of our dear Lord Jesus Christ and His Salvation. Those shepherd’s faith was built upon their own right standing of self-righteousness, and they never knew HIM.

    • Test All Things / Jan 27 2021 5:39 pm

      I believe, that the reason of so many persons making shipwreck of their confession of faith, and apostatizing from their profession of it, is, because they had no other bond to hold them to it but the bondage of the law; nor any other rule to walk by but the commandments. Had the bond of everlasting love got hold of them, and Paul’s gospel rule of eternal life been given them, I believe it would have been otherwise. (William Huntington)

      • cctechm777 / Jan 27 2021 5:55 pm

        Exactly what I was saying…..Amen.

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