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15/11/2009 / Test All Things

Do I Have To Go To Church?

So many people have the “going to church” mentality.

It is a mind-set many of us have because of our upbringing and is used to make us feel guilty about missing church services. Children and young people often ask their parents, “Do I have to go to church?”

This reflects a misunderstanding of the word “church.”

A church is not a building or an event in time. It is a body of chosen, justified, redeemed, regenerated, converted sinners who have been “called out” of the world by God through the preaching of the Gospel. The “church” is the people of God who rejoice together in Christ and in His Word.

In the Scriptures, those who are members of the “church” love Christ, love His Word, love to worship Him, and love His people.

You don’t hear people asking if they HAVE to go to and do things they love. A hungry beggar does not ask, “Do I have to eat food?”

A thirsty man does not complain, “Do I have to drink that fresh, clean, cool water?”

When the saints meet together, this is an opportunity for us as the church to do what we love and need to do – worship God, exalt Christ, and study His Word.


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