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11/12/2020 / Test All Things

Tender Spiritual Walking

“God is known in her palaces of refuge.” (Psalm 48:3)

These palaces are all the ordinances of God. We see in Rehoboam how God will smite for all that independence of Him in all directions (2nd Chronicles 12:1); thinking we have wisdom enough to manage for ourselves. God will punish this sorely. But if we are led to watch and lament and deplore, He will surely return in mercy. When He gives us a little reviving in our bondage, when He removes His hand, and gives some remission, then is the time to be very thankful and to take great heed not to fall in to the same things, lest a worst thing come on us. I fear these things, and pray, and long to confess; and He does attend to my cry. For surely if we do anything independently of Him, sooner or later He will go out against that thing. But by confession and prayer we get His secret presence. He makes every crooked thing straight, for He has all power, and with God nothing shall be impossible. We see the same in Asa (2nd Chronicles 14:11). And if we do not hear the voice of God in the ministry; it is because our minds are filled already. And when He looks frowningly upon you, it is because He intends to heal you, and bring you back. This is not to cause you to despair, but to make you flee to Him with confession and prayer. But it is said Rehoboam humbled himself (2nd Chronicles 12:6-7); and see how efficacious that always is — confession and prayer. Suppose the LORD gave me twenty convictions in a morning, and they were all different. That is to show there are twenty things I want. I must ask for them, or the convictions will be cut off like smoke. I know some who manifest the true fear of God, and yet for want of spiritual sensibility and tenderness in receiving instruction, remain hardened in many things, and evidently endure much bondage. Time may bring a sharp furnace, which will burn up the hay, straw, and stubble, and cause the gold to shine the brighter.

James Bourne

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