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08/05/2020 / Test All Things

The False Doctrine That The Believer’s Sins Will Cause Them To Lose Rewards At The Judgment Seat of Christ

Edward Hendrie exposes the false doctrine preached by church pastors, including, but not limited to, John MacArthur, Charles Stanley, Sam Hoyt, and Erwin Lutzer.

The false gospel they preach is that saved Christians will lose rewards in heaven at the judgment seat of Christ, because of sin they have committed. That is directly contrary to God’s promise that our “sins and iniquities will I remember no more.” – Hebrews 10:17.

How can God withhold anything form his elect based upon sin, when he promised not to remember our sins?

It is impossible. The impossibility is made even clearer when one realizes that God’s elect will be “be made perfect in one” with Christ. – John 17:23. To be perfect means to conform absolutely to the definition or description of the ideal type; to be excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement; to be entirely without any flaws, defects or shortcomings; to be correct in every detail. A Christian will not have anything withheld from him in heaven, because if he did, he would not be perfect and one with Christ as promised by God.

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