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30/12/2019 / Test All Things

The Court of Conscience

Our God filleth all space, and is near to all that feel after Him. He transacts all the grand affairs of His kingdom in the court of conscience. To that court the Lord’s ministers commend themselves; into that court the Word comes, and makes it good and honest. Here the precious blood of sprinkling speaks pardon, peace and reconciliation. The Prince of Peace sways His sceptre here. He is enthroned here in His own love; hence charity out of a pure heart and a good conscience, is the end of the commandment. Afflictions are to disturb, disquiet and to stir up this court, that things amiss, things neglected, and things forgotten may be brought forth to the light, be sifted up and canvassed over.

And there is no settling the accounts without the blessed Surety of the New Testament; He is the chief Speaker and sovereign Ruler here; His atonement is our pardon; His faith is the manifestation of our sonship; and the sentence of justification by His righteousness is passed in this court. Watch, and you will see these things going on, and as light discovers, pardoning grace will remove what is amiss. He sits as a Refiner by the furnace, and He is the Purger and the Purifier of all His priestly family. He has not chosen us in the furnace, in order to desert us when in the fire; He is our All in all.


By William Huntington

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