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10/11/2013 / Test All Things

Kept By The Power of God

“Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.”
(1 Peter 1:5)


This side of death, we shall never know that which God Almighty has kept us from. I remember the time when my daughter was in an automobile accident that potentially could have been fatal. For a fleeting moment, she lost control of the vehicle that she was driving. Within seconds, the truck was totaled and she found herself in the frightening world of paramedics, police officers, and fire rescue workers. Only after the sobering ordeal has run it’s course do we then start to think about what could have happened.

Being kept in this carnal world from all that could happen is a calming thought for God’s sheep.

When one realizes the keeping power of Christ, for all those that He has eternally loved, the new heart is made to bow in adoration to Him who is omnipotent.

Kept is a believer from the damning power of his own carnal, God hating will.

Kept is a believer from the prince of the darkness who would devour God’s own if he could.

Kept is a believer from being of this world even though they are in the world.

Now I know in part and see in part, but there’s coming a day when I shall see Him as He is.

In that day, I shall look on Him that has kept His own unto salvation.

In that day, His sheep shall know how much they owe to the keeping power of Him that would not let them perish.

By Marvin Stalnaker

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