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08/01/2013 / Test All Things

A Good Hope

It is only when our Lord in grace and mercy takes away our imaginary strength that we truly look to Him and trust Him.

This we do not learn in creeds and confessions of faith.

This we are taught by Him in personal relationship in the experience of grace. I only find hope in Him when there is no hope anywhere else.

It is easy to learn correct doctrine, but faith, hope, comfort, and rest in Christ is a living experience.

Justification, redemption, atonement, sanctification and glorification are not only doctrinal truths believed in the heart, they are truths experienced in the heart in regeneration.

Our Lord is our life, and all that is in Him is ours. There is no hope in what I know; my only hope is in Him and what He has done.

May God in mercy shut us up to Christ alone!

By Tommy Robbins

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