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15/12/2012 / Test All Things

Extra Rewards In Heaven?

Salvation is by grace!

We do not believe for a moment that Christians will be given different rewards in heaven according to their obedience here on earth.

Such teaching is contrary to salvation by grace!

The reason preachers teach this corrupt doctrine is they fear the teaching of salvation being all by God’s grace does not provide sufficient motivation for obedience.

It may not for a goat, but it does for a sheep!

All of God’s sheep love Christ, and want to please Him because they love Him!

They have an ambition to glorify Him!

Child of God, don’t settle for average!

By the grace of God, seek to be the best believer you can be in every area. If God’s grace in Christ does not motivate us to obedience and greater commitment, we have not understood His grace at all.

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