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12/12/2012 / Test All Things

How Beautiful Is The Bride of Christ

“How beautiful are thy feet with shoes, O prince’s daughter!”  
(Song of Solomon 7:1) 


The bride (the church of Christ) is described by Christ the Bridegroom as being beautiful. Our finite minds cannot except by faith begin to comprehend this.

How can it be that one so unlovely, in and of herself, could be praised in this way by Him who is altogether lovely?

The answer to this question can only be, “by His grace I am what I am!” 

The feet of the bride “with shoes” are said to be beautiful. Her shoes (his hedges of love) make her feet beautiful as they symbolize Christ’s grace by which He providentially protects her as she walks in this world (even though she is not of this world).  

Her walk is made beautiful (being made to long after Him by faith) entirely because her feet have been prepared, thus protected, (or shod) by the Gospel of Peace. Knowing this, the bride never boasts of her walk and her beauty. She knows that all the beauty she possesses proceeds from His eternal love for her … oh, but in Him, even her feet are beautiful, covered by His shoes of grace. 

By Marvin Stalnaker


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