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05/12/2012 / Test All Things

The Doctrine of Particular Redemption

This term “particular redemption” is familiar to most, if not all of us. It simply means that the Lord Jesus Christ redeemed a certain number of individuals whom his Father gave Him in the eternal covenant of grace before the world was. He redeemed them by his precious blood.

The doctrine of particular redemption is taught throughout the Bible. To deny that it is taught in the Bible would be to deny virtually the whole sacred writ.

Those who refute this blessed truth are not Christians and are not Gospel preachers. They are enemies of God and His Christ.

Those whom Christ has redeemed with His sacrificial blood and called by His sovereign grace through the preaching of His Gospel do not and will not compromise the glory of God, nor the honor and integrity of the holy person and the perfect, effectual and complete work of their Redeemer.

If this blessed doctrine be not so, then the attributes of God mean absolutely nothing, and the living and dying of the Lord of glory was a misnomer.

On the contrary, the doctrine of particular redemption establishes and magnifies all the attributes of God, and glorifies and honors the Lord Jesus Christ and His work of redemption.

The particular redemption of the Lord Jesus Christ is the heart of the true Gospel of God. It is the child of God’s only hope.

What hope have we if Christ died universally for everyone, and some for whom he died will be cast into the Lake of Fire to be punished forever for their sins?

Someone may ask the question, “Does one have to believe in particular redemption to be saved?”

My answer would be this, “It is only those that believe on the Lord Jesus Christ that are saved. And to not believe in the effectual redemption of Christ can only be true of an unbeliever.”

I would not be so foolish as some, to insinuate that one must meet a long list of criteria before God will save them. It is simple heart faith, which God gives, that joins the sinner to Christ. But this I will boldly, without apology, declare — We must believe on the Christ of the Bible — that ONE who obtained eternal redemption for us!

By Tommy Robbins

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