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11/10/2012 / Test All Things

“And Be Found In Him”

“And be found in Him…”
(Philippians 3.9)

Poor panting, groaning, sin-sick soul,
On Jesus cast thy care;
He will thy every grief condole.
And save thee from despair.

Look for yourself – where’er you will,
Except in Christ your Head –
You’ll find yourself a rebel still,
Nor one good work can plead.

Should you with diligence and care
Examine duty’s ground,
Or faith, or penitence, or prayer,
Still you are guilty found.

But if to Christ you turn your eye.
And find yourself in Him,
There you’ve a life that cannot die,
There you are free from sin.

Complete, without a single stain.
In Him you stand quite pure;
And with Him you shall ever reign,
When time shall be no more.

William Gadsby – 1833

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