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26/09/2012 / Test All Things

A Short Study of Song of Solomon 1:5

“I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.”
(Song of Solomon 1:5)


The bride of Christ knows something of her nature.

She knows that in her (apart from Christ) dwells no good thing.

She knows that she is prone to wander and is susceptible to every evil temptation.

She sees herself as black and undesirable because of the stench of her Adamic nature.

In the viewing of herself, the bride does see something by faith that imparts great comfort to her . . . she is comely to Christ.

Christ, Who sees his own imputed righteousness upon his church, and views her as altogether spotless and without blemish.

She is his beloved and He is hers.

The bride may appear coarse and without great promise to the world, or even to herself, but to Him . . . she is as the tents of Kedar which although undesirable to view from the outside, were within filled with untold riches.

As such, the bride through the riches of His grace is comely to Him!

By Marvin Stalnaker

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