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19/09/2012 / Test All Things

Do You Believe That?

Do you really believe that when Christ died, that he died for every man on the planet?

If you do you have some really big explaining to do.

How are you going to justify God for not saving everyone if Christ died for them?

How will you explain to those in hell why they are not saved if Christ died for them?

When the Lord Jesus Christ died, His death was a redemption, a payment price to the justice of God that demanded payment for sin from the sinner. Redemption is to pay a price with a view to ransom, rescue, and release. Christ’s blood was shed to redeem, to ransom, rescue and release. Now it is obvious that all men are not redeemed, because they are not saved. In fact many who heard Our Lord preach and saw His miracles have been in hell for two millennia.

To believe that Christ died for every single person on this planet flies in the face of God’s perfections.

God is perfect in His nature and in all His attributes, right?

Universal redemption is contrary to the Love Of God.

At first it seems to magnify the love of God, but it really reduces it to nothing.

God’s love is displayed in the death of His son and redemption by Him. The love of God in the universal idea of redemption, does not secure salvation for anyone. It makes God love Peter no more than Judas, the saints in heaven no more than the damned in hell. Universal redemption says thy were both loved alike, and equally redeemed by Christ. Those who say Christ died for all do not present the love of God as immutable and unalterable. It says that God loved men so, that He gave His Son to die for them, wills that they should be saved. Then that love is turned into wrath and fury, and punishes them everlastingly.

Universal redemption is contrary to the Wisdom Of God.

Where is his wisdom in giving his Son unto death for all alike, and yet multitudes do not benefit from it?

I can hear some of you say, that those who perish did not perform the conditions their redemption required. Either God did know, or did not know that these men would not perform the conditions required. If He didn’t know, then there is a lack of knowledge in Him.

If He did know, that they would not perform what was required, where is His wisdom in providing a redemption that would not redeem them?

Where is His wisdom in providing a redemption that does not redeem?

Folks, read your Bibles.

By Don Bell

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