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21/05/2012 / Test All Things

What Kind of Christian Are You?

There is no such thing as a Christian who is not born again by the effectual power of the Spirit of God.

All believers are faithful and dedicated to Christ and His cause on this earth. To be anything less than that is not a Christian and does not deserve the name.

Believers desire the gospel and the fellowship of the saints. They avail themselves of every opportunity to hear it unless they are providentially hindered.

God’s people are hungry for Christ, the gospel, and the communion of the Holy Spirit.

Saints in the Bible are described as “hungering, living, thirsting, walking, waiting, running, labouring, mourning, rejoicing, fighting and resting”!

There were no cold, half-hearted Christians in the Bible. These are modern-day terms used to cover up the fact that many have never bowed the knee to Christ the Lord.

When sinners submit to Christ they cease “going to church” [only] occasionally. They become Christians.

One of the most serious problems that the church faces today is the low estimate of being a Christian. This opinion is expressed in words and actions. Some of the common phrases that have been heard for many years are, “They are born-again Christians”, “I know they aren’t very faithful but they love the Lord”, and “They are dedicated Christians”.

What is wrong with these statements?

They make it to appear that there are Christians who aren’t born-again, who can love Christ and not be faithful, and that there are believers who aren’t dedicated. But to believe this is to believe water isn’t wet and that cold is hot and hot is cold. An unfaithful Christian is a contradiction in terms.

By Donald Bell

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