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02/05/2012 / Test All Things

He Who Has Prevailed

The reason that a child of God can maintain an air of complete peace, even as he sees his own helplessness, is because he knows that all is well.

He is not concerned that there is some area of uncertainty that has not been covered under Christ’s atoning blood.

The words “It is finished” (John 19:20) covers a broader scope than this finite mind can comprehend, but gives me the assurance that whatever Christ came to secure, it was finished!

The Revelation of Christ Jesus holds mysteries that may only be revealed in that day. We do not come together during our worship to debate the interpretations of horns, vials, beasts or seals, but to gaze once again on the One that the Father has bestowed all honor, grace and power.

My sin debt has been imputed to Christ’s account.

God’s immovable justice toward me has been satisfied because Christ died with my sin on Him.

His righteousness has been imputed so that now the Father looks upon this redeemed sinner with perfect favor.

“It is finished” – oh, how wonderful the thought that Christ has prevailed in my stead and that in Him and Him alone I have perfect peace.

By Marvin Stalnaker

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