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13/01/2012 / Test All Things

What is Meant By Sovereign Grace?

Sovereign grace is God’s grace.

And God’s grace is Sovereign grace.

If it is not Sovereign grace, it is not saving grace.

Sovereign grace is the truth.

Sovereign grace is the message that declares the electing love of the Father, the redeeming love of the Son, and the invincible love of the Holy Spirit.

Sovereign grace is the Gospel!

Any message that does not declare the Sovereign grace of God in Christ Jesus is “another gospel”!

Sovereign grace is saving grace!

Even those who are supposed to know something about salvation by grace have to remind themselves again and again that salvation is not by the works of the flesh, not at all, in any way!

Salvation is not by reformation; salvation does not come by decision; salvation does not come through church ordinances; salvation is not ours by church membership; SALVATION IS IN CHRIST THE LORD.

That’s where salvation is – not in man’s purpose, not in man’s plan – it is in a person.

It is not in a proposition, it is not in walking an aisle, it is not in a church ordinance.


It is not in a law; it is not in the deeds of the flesh; SALVATION IS IN CHRIST!

A man does not have salvation until he comes by the power of God’s Spirit through faith to a living, personal, vital, intimate union with Christ as the Lord.

A man is not a Christian until he has a vital union with Christ.

A man is not a Christian until he is inseparably joined – personally joined to Jesus Christ.

A man is not a Christian until Christ becomes his life.


By Henry Mahan

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