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30/11/2011 / Test All Things

Dead to the World

A young student asked his Bible teacher this question:

“How is it that the believer is dead to the world when he lives in the world, works a regular job, raises a family, and owns property in the world?”

The teacher sent him out to the gravesite of a friend with instructions to criticize the dead friend, harass him and find fault, and then praise him with glowing terms and brag on him to excess.

Upon his return, the teacher asked, “What did your friend say when you criticized him?”


“How did he react when you praised him?”

“It made no difference to him; he is dead!”

“That is what is means to be dead to this world,” said the teacher.

Its APPLAUSE means nothing and its HATRED means nothing. We neither ADMIRE the people of this world nor do we FEAR them. The riches of this world are but the fancy of fools, and the honors of this world mean little or nothing; for to be a child of God is the highest calling.

The religious traditions and ceremonies of the world have no attraction nor meaning when CHRIST IS ALL!

That which was once important to us we now consider loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ, our Lord. This spiritual life in Christ cannot be explained; it must be experienced.

By Henry Mahan

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