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17/11/2011 / Test All Things

What Do You Think of the Bible?

What Do You Think of the Bible?

The Bible says of itself that it is the Word of God.

The Bible says of the Lord Jesus that He is the Word of God.

If we worship Jesus, do we worship a Book?

No, we do not worship a Book, but we worship the God who gave us that Book, and who is described in that Book. God gave us the Bible so that we can learn who God is, and that He is a God who “declares the end from the beginning” (Isaiah 46:10).

Not only does He know the end from the beginning, but He also makes it come to pass according to His will. God says there in Isaiah 46:11, “I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it”.

Can there be any plainer language?

This is the omnipotent attribute of God, which we find all throughout Scripture. And this omnipotent God has condescended to feeble and fallible mankind to save out of them a people for Himself. To that end God has given us the Bible, His words.

God says that the words in the Bible are His words.

2 Peter 1:20
Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.

2 Peter 1:21
For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

Holy men of God spoke as they were carried by the Holy Ghost. The prophets, who were carried by the Holy Ghost, spoke the words that God wanted them to speak, and they wrote the words that God wanted them to write. And the message that God gave through His prophets is the message of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Bible is a very thick Book. My Bible has almost 2000 pages. That takes a lot of studying. But we live in a society that does more talking than studying. Many people have jobs where they are on the phone 50% of the time, or they are in meetings 50% of the time. They are on the phone when they drive to work and when they drive home. And when they arrive home most of the time is spent again in talking or in listening to the news on TV. Internet chat-rooms are frequently visited. Computer E-mail takes up a lot of our time. And so on, and so on. Talk, talk, talk.

When do they have time to study the Word of God?

Almost never!

But this is really where we must spend our time.

We cannot live our life saying: “This preacher says this, and that preacher says that; and now we can choose between this or that”.

No way!

God speaks, and we must take time to listen.

God says in the Bible that all mankind comes into the world corrupt, in rebellion against God, and therefore all are on the way to their just retribution, which is Hell if they die outside of Christ.

Do we really believe that?

Or do we believe that some people are “good people”, because they have done so many good things, like the Jews were saying of this centurion?

They have not studied their Bible. That is why they considered Jesus only to be a good miracle worker, instead of Jehovah the Savior.

What do you think of Jesus?

Is He the omnipotent God?

Study your Bible. That really is a matter of life and death.

By Alfred J. Chompff

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