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24/10/2011 / Test All Things

Justice’s Demands

Is justice God’s essence?

Is it so interwoven with His being, that an unjust God, cannot be truly God?

Now justice sternly asks, that every debt be fully paid, and no demand be set aside?

The cross shows God in all the majesty of unsullied justice – in severity, which yields no right. He there exacts each due. The sad transgressions of the chosen race are countless in number – boundless in magnitude. Each is an incalculable debt.

Before the cross the scales are brought; and a Substitute appears, who more than satisfies.

He is supremely able, for He is divine.

He pays a death, in value, far exceeding thought.

Justice cries, “Enough, I am content – Enough, the whole is paid – Enough, no shadow of a claim remains – Enough, the score is all wiped out.”

Sinner, you cannot enter heaven, if you retain one sin unexpiated.

Justice immovably forbids, and rightly bars the gates.

By Henry Law

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