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11/10/2011 / Test All Things

What Has The Gospel Taught You?

What hath the gospel preached with the Holy Ghost, sent down from heaven into your souls, taught you?

Hath it taught you your sinnership?

Hath it taught you that you must anchor on Christ alone, without works?

Hath it taught you to inquire of God whether you are a sheep or a goat; an elect soul, or a reprobate one; a vessel of wrath, or a vessel of mercy; eternally justified, or eternally condemned?

Whether you are predestinated to be at the left hand for hell, or predestinated to be at the right hand for heaven, at the day of doom?

Has your mind been stunned out of the infernal mazes of universal redemption?

Do you believe there are sheep and goats from your own experience?

Has sin revived in you? (Romans 7:9)

Have you ever been shown the hell in your heart?

Has the lid of your heart ever been taken off by the Spirit of God?

Are you cursed, or blessed?

Damned, or saved?

Judge yourself, if the Spirit enables you, by what Ezekiel says, “Cursed is the pot whose scum is in it.” (Ezekiel 24:6)

Is your scum in you?

Or, are you brought to lament, weep, mourn, sigh, and beat on your heart, day by day, very deeply indeed, saying, “O wretched man that I am”? (Romans 7:24)

What is the voice of your conscience, what is the voice of your heart?

Yes, or No, to these questions?

God does not want any one to mock him; he has mockery enough offered to him by the swarms and herds of parsons and professors of all denominations, without you helping them.

Let your honest conscience speak out; what are you,–a self-made Christian, or one made by God?

Are you a crab, or a sprout and twig in the glorious elect apple tree the Lord Jesus Christ?

Do you know what the anointing is which our text speaks of, or are you a tree destitute of sap, whom the Lord hath cursed?

What are you, or where are you?

By John Kay

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