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05/08/2011 / Test All Things

Honesty is the Best Policy

On one occasion Christmas Evans employed a man to sell his old horse for him at a horse fair. After a time he called to see what was happening, and found that the bargain was almost completed.

“Is this your horse, Mr Evans?” said the purchaser.

“Certainly it is,” he replied.

“What is his age sir?”

“Twenty-three years.”

“But this man tells me he is only fifteen!”

“He is certainly twenty-three, for he has been with me these twenty years, and he was three years old when I bought him.”

“Is he safe-footed?”

“No, he is far from that. Indeed, that is why I want to part with him – and he has never been put into harness either since I bought him.”

The dealer in vain tried to stop him, whispering that he would never be able to sell the horse. But in this he was mistaken for the buyer, intrigued by Christmas Evans’ integrity, paid a very handsome price. And, somehow, the whole story got round Wales.

By B.A. Ramsbottom

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