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31/07/2011 / Test All Things

A Swearer Alone with God

A carrier in a large Yorkshire town heard his carter one day swearing dreadfully at his horses. The carrier was a man who feared God, and he was shcoked to hear the terrible oaths that resounded through the yard.

He went up to the young man who was just setting off with his cart, and kindly expostulated with him on the enormity of his sin, and then added:

“But if you will swear, stop till you get on the moor where none but God and thyself can hear.”

The poor fellow cracked his whip and persued his journey, but he could not get over his master’s words. Some time after, his master was very surprised to observe his altered demeanour. There was a seriousness and quietness hitherto unknown; he often seemed to have something to say that he could not express. At length the master was so struck with his manner that he asked him if he wanted to say soomething.

“Ah, master!” said he; “do you remember what you said to me about swearing? I was thunderstruck, and when I reached the moor the thought came that, although I was alone, yet God was with me; and I trembled to think how He has been with me, and had known all my sins and follies all my life long. My sins came to my remembrance, and I was afraid he would strike me dead; and I thank God that I have been aroused to seek mercy and salvation for my poor soul.”

The master was overjoyed the hear the young man’s confession, and it is gratifying to know that his subsequent conduct gave proof that of his having ceased to be a slave to sin.

A word spoken in due season, how good it is!


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