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28/07/2011 / Test All Things

A Trial of Faith

It may come as a shock to many of us to realize that, such is the spiritual darkness which reigns in India, there are many villages, particularly in the South around Madras, which have never even heard of the name of Jesus, nor his wonderful love in salvation.

In one such village, in the early 1990’s, through the sovereign goodness of God, a young man was brought to know not only that there is such a man, Christ Jesus, God’s dear Son, but also to believe on Him for eternal life.

Because he had been brought up in a strict Hindu home, his conversion, was welcomed neither by his family, nor by the Hindu priests, who did all that they could to get him to recant and return to the religion of his fathers.

Failing in all of their efforts they put his faith to their severest test, apparently a cruel tradition in that part of India, namely that he should have his hand and arm held in boiling oil for ten minutes, to see if this would make him recant.

The witnesses all gathered round to see if his new found faith was strong enough to withstand this severe test. For ten long minutes his hand and arm were held in boiling oil.

In all that time he made no protest and when at length this cruelty was over, to the amazement of those looking on, his hand and arm were completely unaffected.

Like the three Hebrews in Daniel’s time on whom not even the smell of fire remained after their fiery ordeal, no trace of burning or scar was found on this brave young man.

This miracle can only be ascribed to the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, who graciously honoured the faith He gave by His Spirit to this young man.

A recent visitor to India saw this young man and those who were witnesses to this remarkable miracle.

The Friendly Companion – 1998.

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