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04/06/2011 / Test All Things

Preaching The Whole Counsel of God Includes Teaching God’s Wrath Against Sin

One frightening thing in the day in which we live is that there is so little preaching about the wrath of God and the final penalty for sin in most global congregations.

All kinds of salvation messages are being presented with the general theme of God’s love, the idea being that it would be salutary and wise to become identified with the Lord Jesus Christ.

These messages imply that by accepting Him, things are going to go well and life will have purpose and meaning.

How can anyone even begin to understand eternal salvation if he does not know from what endangerment he is being saved from?

How can he possibly know what he is saved from unless it is thoroughly discussed and
diligently taught that because of his many sins, if he dies outside of Christ he will be under the eternal wrath of God.

Outside of Christ, he is subject to eternal damnation. He ought to be taught what he needs to be saved from.

– Various

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