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01/05/2011 / Test All Things

A Letter To John Grace – September 11th, 1854

My dear Friend, Mr. Grace

I am much obliged to you for your kind and acceptable present, which came safely to hand.

I much like what I have read of Huntington’s ‘Letters’. They give us himself not as the controversialist, though in that a good soldier of Jesus Christ—but as he was in his secret chamber. There is an infinity of admirable touches whereby the secret work of the Spirit on the heart seems in some respects more effectually traced out than when drawn out in a clearer, more systematic manner. Some of his hints and directions are much to the purpose, and bear a stamp of genuine godliness. It may be taken up, too, and laid down at vacant moments without, as in systematic writings, losing the thread, and may thus lie on the table side by side with the Bible and Hart’s Hymns.

I hope the Lord was with you in your late tour. We would be very happy to see and hear you here when you come again into these parts. It is a mercy to be blessed with will and power to labour in the vineyard. There is certainly in our day a spirit of hearing in many places, and we have reason to hope that among these thick boughs there must be some fruitful branches.

Things, perhaps, are not so bad as some think, though not so good as most imagine. But that the life of God is low, even where it exists, is, I fear, too true.

Wishing you the enjoyment of every covenant mercy.

I am, Yours affectionately and obliged,
J. C. P.

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