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A Letter To Thomas Godwin – August 19th, 1861

My dear Friend, Thomas Godwin.

Being as usual almost overwhelmed with work, I can only send you a few lines, in order to obviate any mistake about my engagement for Leicester. I have sent word to the Standard that I am engaged there for September 15th and 22nd, and that you will be here (D.V.) the first of those Lord’s days (15th), and at Oakham on the 22nd. I would be glad if you could drop me a line, or else send word to the Standard if this arrangement is not correct.

I returned home on Thursday, leaving Abingdon in time to get to Stamford by 4 o’clock, so that I was enabled to preach here that evening. I left our kind friends at Allington on Tuesday, and spoke that evening at Abingdon, where we had a large congregation, though just in the middle of harvest. I thought our friend was looking pale and thin, though he seemed pretty well and cheerful. He buried at South Moreton, on Tuesday, a young farmer who had heard me when last at Abingdon. He made a good end. I think I never saw Allington Chapel so crammed as it was the last Lord’s day I was there.

Mr. Joseph thought that, if spared to come another year, it would be better for the people if I could preach in his new cart shed. But that is a long time to look forward to. I must say, however, to the praise and glory of God, that I came home much better and stronger than when I went out; and I can hardly recollect having had upon the whole, a more pleasant journey, or been more favored with help in speaking. The weather for the most part has been very suitable to my health. We had three fine Lord’s days at Allington, though some of the intervening ones were cold and wet. I left them just commencing harvest, with a good prospect of crops; indeed far better than any I have seen since I left Wilts. Our friend Mr. P. was but weak and poorly—more so, I think, than he was last year, and a good deal tried with various circumstances. I hope it may be proved that my visit was not in vain. I only wish that the Lord would give me a larger share of health and strength, and that I could labor more in His most blessed service.

I go (D.V.) to Nottingham tomorrow, returning here on Friday, and going next day to Oakham. Our united love to Mrs. Godwin and yourself.

Yours very affectionately,
J. C. P.

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