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04/07/2010 / Test All Things

Lesson 4 – Mankind Dead In Sins

Every part of a spiritually dead sinner is affected by sin. Since this is a very misunderstood subject, let us see what we do not mean by the above statement.

We do NOT mean that:

1. …the sinner is completely without a moral conscience. Even the dead sinner has a certain sense of right and wrong (Romans 1:32). Even criminals have a certain code of ethics.

2. …the mere natural man does not have any of those qualities which are considered good according to human standards. A mere natural man may in fact be considered an outstanding citizen in his community (I Corinthians 13:2-3; Matthew 7:22-23).

3. …every man is by nature prone to every form of sin. This would not be possible, because some forms of sin exclude others. For example the sin of stinginess may exclude the sin of luxury — the sin of pride may exclude the sin of adultery or drunkeness.

4. …men are by nature unable of engaging in acts that are outwardly conformed to the law of God (Luke 18:11-12).

5. …men are as corrupt as they might be. Men may and do grow worse and worse (II Timothy 3:13). The potential for every form of evil is in the heart of the sinner, but he may not have fully developed this potential.


1. What are some good qualities that a dead sinner may have? Are these considered good in the eyes of man or good in the eyes of God? (Matthew 5:46-47)

2. Can you think of a reason why a dead sinner might live a good life so far as sexual morality is concerned?

3. Why would some dead sinners not commit murder?

4. Why would some dead sinners not be drunkards?

5. Can you think of at least one man in the Bible who outwardly kept the law of God even while he was dead in trespasses and in sins? Why did he keep God’s law while he was in this condition?

6. Are all dead sinners lazy and slothful? Why would a dead sinner be a hard worker?

Memory Verse:

We are already supposed to have memorized Romans 5:12 which shows that Adam passed sin down to the whole human race.

Let us now memorize Psalm 51:5 which shows that David and all other people are born into the world as sinners.

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