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04/07/2010 / Test All Things

New Testament – The Letters of Peter, James and John

The Epistles of Peter:

183. Are we to obey those who rule over us? Yes, for the Lord’s sake. When do we not obey them? When they ask us to do something that is against the truth of the Bible.

184. How much should we love the word of God? As much as a little baby loves its mother’s milk.

185. Will God ever destroy the world again with a flood? No. How will He destroy the world at the end of time? With fire.

186. Is God limited by time? No. One thousand years is like a day to Him, and a day is like a thousand years.

187. How should we behave, knowing that this world will one day soon burn up? We should be obedient to God and trust in Him.

The Epistle of James:

188. What should we do when we know some widows and orphans? We should visit them, cheer them up, and help them.

189. How should we use our tongues? We should use them to praise God and to help others.

190. What should we do if we see someone who is hungry and has no money to buy food? We should give them something to eat.

The Letters of John:

191. When we sin, what should we do? We should confess our sins. What does that mean? We should tell God what we have done and tell Him we are sorry.

192. If anyone says that Jesus is not the Christ, what does the Bible say about that person? That he is a liar.

193. How we can know that we are children of God? If we love God and try to keep His commands, and if we love the people of God.

194. If we love God, why do we love Him? Because He loved us first.

G. The Revelation of John

195. Jesus Christ is in heaven now. What are the heavenly creatures who are around Him doing? They are always praising Him, saying, “Holy, Holy, Holy.”

196. Who gets all the praise in heaven? God and Jesus Christ. Do men get any praise there? No. Who should get all the praise right now? God and Jesus. Should men get any praise now? No.

197. What is the last thing Jesus Christ tells us in the Bible? “Surely, I come quickly.”

198. What is the last prayer in the Bible? “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”

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