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11/02/2010 / Test All Things

Seven Foundational Truths

In these days of boasted liberality, it may appear critical and contentious to oppose with zeal the errors of men who have acquired a name in the Christian world. The mantle of charity, it will be said, ought to be thrown over mis­takes that have resulted from a free and impartial investigation of truth, and if not wholly overlooked, they should be noticed only with a slight expression of disapproval. Such, however, was not the conduct of the Apostle Paul.

He spared neither churches nor indi­viduals, when the doctrines they main­tained tended to the subversion of the Gos­pel; and the zeal with which he resisted their errors was not inferior to that with which he en­countered the open enemies of Christianity. He affirms that the doctrine introduced into the Galatian churches was “another gospel,” and twice pronounced a curse against all by whom it was preached.

Instead of compliment­ing the authors of this corruption of the Gospel as only abusing in a slight degree the liberty of free examina­tion, he decides that they should be cut off as troublers of the churches. Let not be­lievers be more court­eous in expressing their views of the guilt and danger of cor­rupting the Gospel, than faithful and compas­sionate to the people of Christ who may be injured by false doc­trine. It is highly sinful to ex­change com­pliments at the expense of truth.

The awful responsibility of being acces­sory to the promotion of error is strongly expressed by the Apostle John also.

“If there come any unto you, and bring not this doc­trine, receive him not into your house, nei­ther bid him God-speed; for he that bid­deth him God-speed is partaker of his evil deeds.”
(2 John 1:9-10)

By Robert Haldane

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