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06/11/2009 / Test All Things

Speaking In Tongues

This is an audio sermon by Henry Mahan titled: “Speaking in Tongues”

The scripture text is from 1st Corinthians 14 and the audio is 27 minutes long.

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  1. dmitry ivaschenko / Aug 5 2017 10:32 pm

    Tongues was a Prophecy in a normal Language
    One man spoke for instance Greek who could not speak Greek and a Greek Person understood the message because it was his Mothertongue.
    Sometimes no one was present with the Language as Mothertongue
    Then it was a “unknown” tongue and Paul said one should pray for a interpretor,namely someone with the Language as Mothertongue or you will “speak into the air”
    But even without a interpretor the speaker knew it was a real language and his own Faith was “edified”.
    True Tongues came unexpectedly as with all true Prophecy 2 Peter 1:21
    Pentecostal-cult Gibberish comes in contrast only by the will of man,they can do their Gibberish whenever they feel like doing it.
    Tongues was Prophecy and one of the “Signs of the apostles” to prove Jesus is risen from the dead and to show that non-jews can be forgiven too.
    Only Jesus is God who can do miracles
    It was therefore a very great Exception that God allowed the Apostles who were only men
    To do great miracles like Jesus.
    The only reason for this exception was because Jesus was not allowed to show his resurrection to the world
    That is why he chose apostles and gave them great power to confirm on his Behalf that Jesus rose from the dead,the sign of Jonah.
    Otherwise only Jesus would have done miracles because only Jesus is God and we are only men.
    Apostles did miracles before Jesus died and the fact they later did miracles again after his resurrection is Proof that he rose from the dead otherwise the miracles would have stopped
    And either you believe the Apostles testimony that he rose from the dead or you damn yourself by not believing.
    God will never confirm the resurrection a second time because he wants us to believe without seeing Proof and the Apostles have proved the Fact that Jesus rose from the dead

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