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01/09/2009 / Test All Things

Letter To A Brother In Christ – February 5th, 1840

February 5th, 1840

My dear Brother,

I hope and trust I am rather better than when I last wrote. I find that my walks are beneficial to my health, and I now generally take two or three daily, according to your opinion and advice. I scarcely ever take anything to drink except tea, and water; and I think very little good is done by fermented liquors, although some so strongly recommend me to take them in moderation.

We live in a day of great profession; but I believe there are very few true living souls, and even in those who have life, it is scarcely manifested. Nearly all the quickened children of God feel this and mourn over it, more or less. We may wish for a revival, and great spiritual blessings; but great trials and troubles would come therewith, for grace must be tried. Our flesh shrinks from the least cross, and we do not like to lose a little finger, much less a right eye, or a right hand. The flesh will be consulted, or it will rage and storm, and present such ‘mountains’ in the path to heaven, as will make the poor child of God tremble. Carnal security, fleshly gratifications, the friendship of the world, and a smooth path will appear so very desirable; that if we are not led to buy a little faith tried in the fire, so that we might have a glimmering view of the King in His beauty and of the land afar off, we would feel determined to go along By-path meadow, let the consequences be what they might. We would become deserters of Christ’s banner, and resolve never to fight valiantly, endure hardness, or suffer any difficulties for the elect’s sake, or in the Lord’s cause.

Oh! how we need daily renewing and strengthening to enable us to take up the cross, and to contend against the sins that so easily beset us! For we have to say with David, “Our souls cleave to the dust; quicken us, according to Your word.”

I shall be glad to hear how you are going on, whether you see more “the sin of grasping after an empty shadow”, which promises much and performs nothing, and worse than nothing, for it causes vexation of spirit. I shall rejoice if the Lord draws up your mind more to heavenly things, so that you may be kept from minding earthly things in that way which caused Paul to weep. I wish I had more of that blessed concern, which Paul manifested, respecting the godly and upright walk of the children of God.

Yours affectionately and sincerely,

William Tiptaft.

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