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02/07/2008 / Test All Things

The Lambeth Articles – (1595)

I. God from eternity has predestined some men to life, and reprobated some to death.

II. The moving or efficient cause of predestination to life is not the foreseeing of faith, or of perseverance, or of good works, or of anything in the person of the predestinated, but only the will of the good pleasure of God.

III. There is a determined and certain number of predestined, which cannot be increased or diminished.

IV. Those not predestinated to salvation are inevitably condemned on account of their sins.

V. A true, lively and justifying faith, and the sanctifying Spirit of God, is not lost, nor does it pass away either totally or finally in the elect.

VI. The truly faithful man – that is, one endowed with justifying faith – is sure, by full assurance of faith, of the remission of sins and his eternal salvation through Christ.

VII. Saving grace is not granted, is not made common, is not ceded to all men, by which they might be saved, if they wish.

VIII. No one can come to Christ unless it be granted to him, and unless the Father draws him; and all men are not drawn by the Father to come to the Son.

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