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29/02/2008 / Test All Things

Saving Knowledge Or Knowledge Of Salvation?

“To give knowledge of salvation unto his people by the remission of their sins,”
Luke 1:77

How much of our vocabulary is based on what we have learned from others, versus what is truly Scriptural?

Recently the question was raised as to the use of the term ‘saving knowledge.’ In searching the Scriptures, you will find that such terminology is not found there, even as with the term ‘saving faith’. However, it is prevalent in most theological writings, with various interpretations. The problem with the term, ‘saving knowledge,’ or ‘saving faith’ is that it implies that knowledge or faith is the ‘savior,’ and thereby puts the light on the graces of salvation, rather than on the Savior of salvation.

Can we be too careful especially where error is rampant based on such terms?

God given knowledge, faith, hope, or love, do not attract attention to them, but rather look to the Savior ALONE. The terms ‘knowledge,’ ‘faith,’ and ‘hope,’ ARE Bible terms, but we must be careful to define them as God’s Word defines them.

Is not ‘knowledge of salvation the more Scriptural term?’

What’s the difference?

1. It emphasizes the object of salvation which is the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus. Salvation is not in knowledge, but in the Savior who is revealed by the Spirit, through the Gospel – Ephesians 1:17“the revelation of the knowledge of Him.”

2. Christ himself is the object, subject, author, and finisher of salvation, and where the Spirit has given such knowledge, it is not merely notional or speculative, but sure, certain, and resting in HIM, submitted to His righteousness imputed alone, and looking to Him exclusively as the One who put away sin, established righteousness, and upon which God has once for all justified those for whom He died. It is the gift of God! Sins are debts and the forgiveness of them is the remitting of those debts, fully and completely.

Since this was done when Christ died, through His shed blood, is not then the knowledge of salvation God revealing THAT TRUTH to the elect, redeemed, justified sinner’s heart as all His salvation?

Has the Lord so taught you?

Philippians 1:9“And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment (discernment).”

By Ken Wimer

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