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24/02/2008 / Test All Things

A Good Shelter For Afflicted Souls

CHRIST does save those afflicted and distressed souls that come to Him. By His own free act, He has made Himself the surety of such, He has voluntarily put Himself in their stead; and if justice has any thing against them, He has undertaken to answer for them.

By His own act, He has engaged to be responsible for them; so that if they have exposed themselves to God’s wrath, and to the stroke of justice, it is not their concern, but His, how to answer or satisfy for what thy have done.

Let there be never so much wrath that they have deserved, they are as safe as if they never had deserved any; because He has undertaken to stand for them, let it be more or less. If they are in Christ Jesus, the storm does of course light on Him and not on them; as when we are under a good shelter, the storm that would otherwise come upon our heads, lights upon the shelter.

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