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20/02/2008 / Test All Things

Thomas Ferguson And The ‘Book Of Abraham’

“One life-long defender of Joseph Smith [Ferguson] made his own independent investigation of Joseph’s ability as a translator of Egyptian records, utilizing recognized Egyptologists without telling them a word about the issues that were at stake. Their verdict agreed with the findings of Mr. Nelson and Dr. Baer. Consequently, he came to reject the Book of Abraham and the claims put forth by Joseph Smith as a translator of ancient languages.”
(Wesley P. Walters, “Joseph Smith among the Egyptians,” The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, v 16, Winter 1973, page 45)

“At that time [December 2, 1970], Thomas Stuart Ferguson told us frankly that he had not only given up the Book of Abraham, but that he had come to the conclusion that Joseph Smith was not a prophet and that Mormonism was not true. He told us that he had spent 25 years trying to prove Mormonism, but had finally come to the conclusion that his work had been in vain. He said that his training in law had taught him how to weigh evidence and that the case against Joseph Smith was absolutely devastating and could not be explained away.”
(Sandra and Jerald Tanner, relating correspondence with Ferguson, Mormonism: Shadow or Reality?, page 103)

“Nibley’s Era articles on the Book of Abraham aren’t worth a tinker – first, because he is not impartial, being the commissioned and paid defender of the faith. Second, because he could not, he dared not, he did not, face the true issue: ‘Could Joseph Smith translate Egyptian?’ I clipped every one of his articles, and have them in a single file – and I have reviewed them – looking in vain for that issue.”
(Thomas Ferguson to James Boyack, March 13th, 1971; see Mormon Mavericks: Essays on Dissenters, page 261)

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