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20/02/2008 / Test All Things

Cost Of The Original Book Of Mormon In 1830

“After the Book was published, I frequently bantered him [Martin Harris] for a copy. He asked fourteen shillings a piece for them; I told them I would not give so much; he told me [they] had had a revelation that they must be sold at that price. Sometime afterwards I talked with Martin Harris about buying one of the Books and he told me they had had a new revelation, that they might be sold at ten shillings a piece.”
(Henry Harris, in Mormonism Unvailed, page 252)

“The Mormons said the price of the ‘Book of Mormon’ was established at $1.75 by revelation. It did not sell well and they claimed to receive another to sell it at $1.25.”
(Sylvia Walker, Naked Truths About Mormonism, volume 1, page 1)

“Five thousand copies were published – and they said the angel told Smith to sell the book at a price which was one dollar and eight cents per copy more than the cost, that they ‘might have the temporal profit, as well as the spiritual.’”
(David Marks, Baptist minister, The Life of David Marks, 1831, page 341. Quote made after visiting with David Whitmer and the Whitmer family)

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