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08/01/2008 / Test All Things

Freedom In Christ

“If the Son makes you free, ye shall be free indeed.”
(John 8:36)


Much we talk of freedom in our day; much is our mind perplexed about it; but how little is said, and how little we think of the freedom in the text. Freedom in this life concerning temporal matters will benefit us little compared with the freedom which the Son of God gives to his children. The former endureth only a little while, but the latter endureth for ever.

O may this freedom be made manifest unto us, through God’s dear Son…

What is this freedom?

Sometimes God is pleased to grant a manifestation of pardon at once, but oftener gradually. The first token of freedom is, to feel that we are in bondage, that we are sinners; for though all men are alike sinners in the sight of God, all are not blessed with freedom TO KNOW IT, and to cry out for mercy in consequence thereof.

We never cry for mercy, feelingly so, till we enjoy a little of this freedom!

Then we pant for the water of life, and at last we are enabled to rejoice in a precious Redeemer.

The Son makes us free, and not us. Suppose we were in debt and had naught to pay the debt, and a kind friend were to come and pay it for us, we should justly be free.

“For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.”
(Romans 10:4)

And thus is the law magnified more than if Adam had fully obeyed its commands, inasmuch as it has THE OBEDIENCE OF GOD AND MAN. By faith we realize this great truth, and are made free. God grant us the enjoyment of this freedom, and we shall be free indeed.

By William Gadsby – 1842

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