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13/11/2020 / Test All Things

Esther Study Guide – Esther 2:13-23

• And in this way the maiden goes in to the King (Esther 2:13)
Literally: “All that she said was given to her to come with her”
What does that mean? What do her words imply?
What does this mean: From the house of the women to the house of the King?

• In the evening she comes and on the morning she returns? (Esther 2:14)
To the second house of the women?
What does the second house of the women represent?

• To the custody of Shaashgaz?
Who does Shaashgaz represent?
Shaashgaz = Servant of the Beautiful
Who do the concubines represent?

• She shall not come in to the King any more. Why?
Unless the King delights in her
What does that mean?
And she is called by name (kara shem)
Kara shem occurs 168 times in the Bible

• The turn of Esther came (Esther 2:15)
The daughter of Abihail (My Father is might)
The beloved (uncle) of Mordecai
“Many are called, but few are chosen”. Where is this found?

• She did not seek a thing, except what Hegai said.
What does that mean?
Look at the contrast with the other women.
And Esther bear grace in the sight of all them that looked upon her.

• In the 10th month, in the 7th year of the reign of King Ahasuerus (Esther 2:16)
Was that three months before Haman’s wicked deed?
Tebeth = “goodness”

• The King loved Esther above all the women (Esther 2:17)
She was rising (imperfect tense) in grace and mercy before His face.
So that He was setting (imperfect tense) the royal crown upon her.
And made her reign (imperfect tense) instead of Vashti.
What does all this mean?

• The King made a great feast (or banquet): Esther’s Feast (Esther 2:18)
He made this a holiday for the provinces.
And He gave burdens (or utterances).
“According to the hand of the King”; have we seen this before?
What does all this mean?

• The virgins were gathered together for the second time (Esther 2:19)
Then Mordecai (little man) was dwelling in the King’s gate.
What event in history does this refer to?

• Esther had not yet declared her kindred nor her people (Esther 2:20)
As Mordecai had commanded her.
For she always did the commandment of Mordecai.
What does this mean spiritually?

• In those days. What days were those? (Esther 2:21)
Teresh = “Strictness”
Bigthan = “In their winepress”
Of those which kept the door. Which door?
Literally: “Sought to send hand on King Ahasuerus”
Were they seeking to restrict the powers of the King?
What event in history does this refer to?

• Their evil deed was known to whom? (Esther 2:22)
Mordecai = Little Man,​ Who was that?
Esther = Star,​ Who was that?

• What does it mean “to be hanged on a tree”? (Esther 2:23)
Read Galatians.
Who on earth came under the curse of God?

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