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03/10/2020 / Test All Things

“Rejoice Evermore”

“Rejoice Evermore.”
(I Thessalonians 5:16)


Our Bibles, now versified thanks to primary work by Robertus Stephanus, can have verse trivia.

Shortest verse in the Bible? 

John 11:35, “Jesus wept” is a good answer according to English translation, but not as per the original Greek. I Thessalonians 5:16 is actually shorter in original Greek. According to sovereign design, these two 2-word verses complement each other as both substantiate the other. Emanuel, God with us, making every promise yea and amen in Himself.

Two words, two words from the LOGOS, the living word greeted women returning from an empty tomb as written for us in Matthew 28:9. Interestingly, the “ALL HAIL” in the actual Greek is the same word as “rejoice”. Discouraged women then on a dusty road, discouraged woman/man now, these centuries later, if His words and finished work for you, then true, solitary ground of rejoicing eternally yours—“REJOICE EVERMORE”.


– Bill Bryant


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