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02/10/2020 / Test All Things

For Better, Far Better – For Worse, Far Worse

Far better to repent of dead works, than to spend a lifetime accumulating them. Multiplied words zealously delivered on “salvation”, “sanctification”, “repentance”, “faith”—the leaves of appearance do not equate to the ROOT of the matter. Repentance of a 1,001 things, but not inclusive of deadly bottom of dead works, will not do to ride the river. 

Sleeping Jacob loved, far better than working Esau hated.

Abel offering God’s Way, far better than “way of Cain” (Jude 11).

Cain’s “fruit of the ground” toil resultant, though impressive, cleaned, even polished—ain’t no blood in a turnip!

The last first, better than first last (Matthew 20:1-16).

Better called and chosen, than called and murmuring (Matthew 20:1-16). 

“Truth is not in one extreme, nor in the other extreme, nor is truth in the middle. Truth is rather in both extremes.” Moderation in life style, but never in sound doctrine. Use your mind with much diligence, but beware rationalists under many a label, including annihilationists . . . Romans 11:22, “the goodness AND severity”—the God of Abraham, Isaac, and JACOB, the Holy One of Lovingkindness also a Consuming Fire, GOD OF INFINITUDE. 

– Bill Bryant

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