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28/09/2020 / Test All Things

No Sharing Allowed

Some things belong ONLY to the preeminent Christ—no sharing allowed! The Lord Jesus Christ, the antitype, offered the sacrifice of Himself in His death. In and with the virtue of that sacrifice, He entered heaven to sprinkle the highest altar. It is but a fond Popish fancy to think (I’ve heard it among Protestants also), that there do remain visible marks and signatures of His humbled state, on His glorified body. This is indeed to KNOW CHRIST AFTER THE FLESH, in a bad sense, (2 Corinthians 5:16). But His ENTERING WITH HIS OWN BLOOD, is spiritually to be understood; that Christ’s appearance in heaven, is to bring up a memorial continually before God, of the virtue and savour of that sacrifice He offered without the camp, without the gates of Jerusalem.

“…Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweetsmelling savour.”
(Ephesians 5:2)

This savour never spends, diminishes, or wears out. The blood of Jesus, in the virtue of it, in the merit of it, and in the POWER of it, is as fresh this day, as in the day it was shed on the cross (I John 2:7 comes to mind). He is still the new slain WAY TO THE HOLIEST OF ALL, (Hebrews 10:20) and His blood, a new and living way, is as fresh and fragrant as ever. If men by their unbelief account it old, outdated, prosaic, and to have lost its savor and virtue—if they will seek for somewhat else to procure them acceptance in heaven—let them try and perish in the trying. With a “but” here and a “but” there, billy-goaters shall but themselves clear to hell. The Son of Man, Son of God presents nothing for the salvation of His body, the bride, but His own blood; and nothing else is accepted in heaven for this end, but precious, fully atoning blood. And all they to whose conscience this blood is applied, and who are brought to come into it, and feel its virtue and power, WILL ABHOR ALL VAIN AND DANGEROUS MIXTURES OF ANY THING WITH THIS SOVEREIGN BALSAM.

It is always savoury in heaven—and it is always savoury to all them that are in the right way to heaven. The blessed Lord Jesus, in His intercession, fills heaven with the almighty and eternal savour of His blood. And heaven is filled with the praises of it, and the shedder of it, (Revelation 5:9-12). If the savour of it do not fill the parts of the earth where it is preached (and is this not evidenced by dead-pan lip service throughout the land), it is because MEN HAVE LOST (OR RATHER NEVER HAD) the spiritual sense that ONLY can take in this savour, and not because the blood is impaired in its virtue. But this is the sin and misery of this condemned world (both profane and religious), that what is most savoury in heaven, is least savoured on earth. What is most sought after, prized, and exalted on earth, is vanity and ABOMINATION in heaven—NOTE LUKE 16:15.

To Him who tread the winepress ALONE, be glory and honour now and forever, Amen—NO SHARING ALLOWED!


By Bill Bryant

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