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06/01/2013 / Test All Things

A Letter To Thomas Godwin – February 24th, 1851

My dear Friend, Thomas Godwin

I am glad you are coming our way, but am sorry your stay will be so short. It generally takes a little time before we get into the marrow of anything. The bone, you know, lies pretty deep in the flesh, and the marrow deeper still. We need an evening together, and a little oil on the heart and tongue, such as we had, I hope, once before at my house.

At present we are very comfortable here as a church. We had a church meeting yesterday, and received two candidates, and had a very comfortable meeting indeed. I never saw a better feeling among the friends; and the simple tale that one poor old woman told seemed to melt our hard hearts. I have not seen so many tears shed since Mrs. L. came before us. We are very full too as a congregation, and I hope the Lord is sometimes with poor vile us.

I am called, “the blind leader of the blind”, but if I am blind, I have, I am sure, some who can see and feel too, and some who will shine as the stars forever and ever. Nor am I blind to my own sins and follies, ignorance, unbelief, and helplessness; nor am I blind to the blessedness, grace, and suitability of the Lord Jesus Christ. And in standing up before the people, I feel a sincere desire for their soul’s profit; and as far as the Lord enables, labour for their edification and consolation without fear or flattery. Herein I have, through mercy, the testimony of a good conscience.

My dear friend, I was not in the least hurt or offended with your kind letter about the review. I know you are a sincere friend, and that what you say or do, you do out of real affection. I would be a poor proud wretch—worse than I am—if I could not take advice from friends. I know how many enemies I have, and how many are watching for my halting; and there is so much hypocrisy in men, that I am weary of most professors.

How true is Micah 7:2-3, and there is such cursed pride, envy, and enmity in the heart! I see it in myself and in others too. Oh what a wretch is man, and the best of men!

Yours very affectionately,
J. C. P.

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