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06/01/2013 / Test All Things

A letter To Thomas Godwin – December 30th, 1853

My dear Friend, Mr. Godwin

You seem favoured with two great blessings — health of body and health of soul. Such blessings are they, that without them life is not life. I wish you may long enjoy both, and be made a blessing for many years to the Church of God.

I am, through mercy, better. I preached at Oakham in the morning last Lord’s-day, and spoke in the afternoon from the chapter nearly three quarters of an hour. We had our annual collection for the poor, and got £26 7s. 3d., the largest collection for fifteen years. I urged them to liberality on account of the dearness of provisions and fuel, and the severity of the weather, and they came forward most liberally.

But I think, my dear friend, we have both seen much of a God of providence. I told them at Oakham on Lord’s-day that I have sometimes thought I could write a “Bank of faith,” for money has come in just as needed. What I want most is grace, spirituality of mind, fear of the Lord, tenderness of conscience, and power against besetting sins.

Yours affectionately,
J. C. P.

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