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01/01/2013 / Test All Things

What About Rewards In Heaven?

This is an audio sermon by Henry Mahan titled: “What About Rewards In Heaven?”

The scripture text that brother Henry is preaching from is Matthew 20:12 and the audio is 27 minutes long.

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  1. Bill Bryant / Jan 2 2013 3:40 am

    Preacher Mahan has mishandled Scripture grossly. Byzantine family of manuscripts give Matthew 20:16 in its entirety including the last part of the verse, “Many are called, but few are chosen.” Pastor Mahan’s interpretation (Highly eisogetical to my mind) does not in any way whatsoever show distinction between the called and the chosen which means that his interpretation neglects the summary of the Lord Jesus Christ and after all He authored the parable. Whatever the teaching of Scripture regarding rewards, to use Matthew 19 (latter verses) through the 16th verse of chapter 20 to prove and/or support a position as Pastor Mahan has done (while not even addressing the concluding summarization words of Jesus Christ)—eisogesis to the hilt! By far a better interpreter of the passage and parable of Matthew 20 is Patrick Fairbairn (1805-1874) of Scotland, a much respected scholar, pastor, and teacher. Chris, years ago I met Pastor Henry Mahan—this that you have placed on the internet IS NOT HIS BEST WORK. Where does Pastor Mahan distinguish in his mingling 1) the called from the chosen and where does he 2) give place to the great adversative used by Jesus in chater 19 in His response to Peter’s question—the “de”/delta epsilon, the “but” as accurately translated shoud not be overlooked by a fair exegete who believes in verbal, plenary inspiration. Adversatives are often very critical to proper interpretatin. To lump the “first” with the “last” and not to distinguish as Jesus certainly clearly did—well, I consider Pastor Mahan interpretation of the passage eisogetical gainsaying albeit popular with those in favor of and predisposed to his conclusion, but I consider Mahan as per this recorded message off base and I want no part in any likeminded errant interpretation “graduated and self-congratuated out of hermeneutical asylum”. Also, it is noteworthy that the order of “first” and “last” in the last verse of Matthew 19 are reversed in Matthew 20;16 to so aptly fit the intervening parable. But Pastor Mahan would have listeners believe all is ultimately well with the “last”, but does that fit with the four times in the NT that we read of the “first” and the “last”. And the proper usage by Jesus Christ an proper interpretation perfectly fits “Many are called, but FEW are chosen.” Let God be true as His unfading Word eternally abides, and may the false interpretations and gainsayings of men—be renounced to the junkpile of LIES. May each of us be swift to hear and to study as misinterpreting God’s word is most serious. Chris, hope things are well with you and yours and Happy Trails for 2013. I would highly recommend your reading of Fairbairn in his OPENING SCRIPTURE (particularly his section on interpretation of parables)—this book is highy recommended by men also respected by many. Too much hermeneutic of our day and past days does not boil down to prayer and diligence, but rather to dittoing others, and sheep following others all go astray. bb

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