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14/12/2012 / Test All Things

Jacob’s Blessing

There is, without a doubt, no clearer picture of the blessing of God Almighty (by imputation) to an unworthy rebel than the blessing of Jacob by his father Isaac.

Jacob had exhibited boldly, before the dim eyes of his aged father, the true nature of a wretched sinner. In Jacob’s depraved mind, the only way he could get his father’s blessing was to impersonate his brother Esau. Lying with every breath, Jacob attempted to convince his father that he was someone else. Not until Isaac smelled the coat of Esau did he bestow the blessing. The smell of his first born satisfied the aging Isaac.

That smell was a smell of satisfaction, obedience, and truthfulness. Just as the smell of Esau’s coat (that covered Jacob) ushered in the blessing to the younger son, Christ’s royal robe of righteousness (imputed to each one of God’s elect) is the smell of satisfaction, obedience, and truthfulness to God the Father.

In ourselves, we are but “Jacob’s” that ever strive to deceive. If the rebellious nature of sin has not been imputed to Christ, and the robe of Christ’s imputed righteousness be not applied to one such as we are . . . there is no hope, no life, and no blessing from the One who must have mercy on sinners.

By Marvin Stalnaker


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