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12/12/2012 / Test All Things

Practical Christian Teaching

There is, within the mind set of natural reasoning, the idea that somehow a difference exist between “doctrinal” preaching, and “practical” teaching.

The natural mind obviously thinks that doctrinal preaching is for the soul’s good, and that practical teaching is for the instruction on daily living practices.

Though I would readily admit that instruction, admonition, and correction is set forth in the scriptures, the natural mind fails to comprehend God’s ordained order of leadership.

Only through the preaching of the gospel of Christ and Him crucified is a believer directed.

This IS the message that shall be blessed effectually by the Spirit of God.

This IS the message that gives honour to the Son.

This IS the faithful saying.

All scripture must be preached in light of Christ alone.

Any message that does not find Christ to be the object, from start to finish, is but useless rhetoric that profits nothing.

Men may be instructed daily in “practical Christian teaching”, but only the Gospel is blessed by God’s Spirit to the directing of His sheep. All other messages fall on ears that are constantly prone to wander. Let me hear His word taught in light of Him, and may He bless that word to the ordering of my feet.

By Marvin Stalnaker


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