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08/12/2012 / Test All Things

Is God Working?

Often there is little or no visible success of the ministry of the Gospel to the world. And we who are believers sometimes find it difficult to comprehend that God is doing a work in us, among us and for us.

The truth that we must not forget is that God works according to His eternal purpose.

God makes all things work, and what He makes work, works all the time.

Too, we must not forget that he is not through yet. We have not arrived yet and cannot see things as we will see them.

When all things are accomplished that God has purposed to do, Christ will deliver up the Kingdom to the Father. Then we will see face to face. We will see all things clearly.

Also, we must remember that what the child of God sees, he sees by faith, not by sight. What we see with the natural eye is temporal; what we see by faith is eternal.

Another thing we must understand is that ALL THINGS both visible and invisible, natural and spiritual, God is working toward the same end: OUR GOOD and His GLORY.

Is God working in this world?

Is His Gospel accomplishing anything?

Are we, His children, being used of Him?


I believe God!

Don’t you?

By Tommy Robbins

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