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24/09/2012 / Test All Things

Working The Works of God

There is a sense in which skills, techniques or abilities can be taught. Natural application of systematic logic reasons that if enough information is set forth, understanding will result and abilities will freely spring forth from the heart.

This thinking, though logical to the fickle human mind, does not apply when dealing with the things of the Spirit of God (1 Corinthians 2:14).

In truth, faithful ministers expound precept upon precept, line upon line (Isaiah 28:10) and set forth the glory of God’s grace always in the light of Christ and Him crucified.

There is no other message blessed by the Holy Ghost for the conversion of a sinner’s soul or the motivation of that person’s service.

Attempting to drive the sheep by laws, rules and regulations will do nothing but bring up the natural spirit of rebellion. The blessed message of Christ, the Substitute of sinners and the only mediator and hope of God’s people, melts the stony heart of rebellion when it comes in power by the Holy Ghost.

Let the message be Christ only and God’s sheep will come, longing to follow Him.

By Marvin Stalnaker

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